Garage Door Repair Alpharetta

Garage Door Repair Alpharetta

The Perimeter areas most professional Garage Door company now offers it’s new clients a no fee service call. When your Garage door stops working or the garage door remote isn’t closing or opening the door anymore, it’s time to call the service and repair experts. Our technicians are trained and certified employees of American Garage Doors and know how to provide the best customer experience.

Garage Door Spring Repair Alpharetta

Your homes garage door is the largest moving part in the home as well as makes up 30% of the homes exterior. A properly functioning door not only keeps the residence looking good but keeps your home safe from break-ins. Some simple maintenance can help to keep the garage door in proper working order to provide the beauty and safety for which it was designed. Keeping the door sensors clean and unobstructed should be routine at least once every month. Check the force adjustment on the back of your device to ensure the correct amount of pressure.

Alpharetta Garage Door Repair

If you don’t feel comfortable executing these simple tips then don’t hesitate to call our professional technicians and schedule a no fee service call today!

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